Yellow Bus

"Was anyone injured?" The baffled tourist stared in amazement.  A local couldn't help but snicker at the question. Whether on a cruise and stopping off in the city of Roseau in Dominica, or simply staying in the eco-tourism destination, every tourists visits the Crushed School Bus. Sitting calmly under a large African Baobab tree, rests … Continue reading Yellow Bus


National Poetry Month 2018

Hey everyone, so I meant to post for national poetry month but things have gotten so crazy lately. Anyhow,  I will be posting a poem between now and Tuesday, for each Winter Tangerine Writers prompt for the month. Stay tuned!   -W.R.C

Deciding whether to do prompts or christmass related writing. Probably both. Also I'm applying to be a contributor to this magazine in the area of fashion, and beauty but they need a sample writing and I'm stuck haha.