DNA Album Review

Well I`ve decided what better way to ring in the new year than with a wonderful review! I`ve been dying to  this since November last year! Not many Americans may know of the British girl band Little Mix, not many may also know that they came first in 2010 X-Factor, the same X-Factor that popular … Continue reading DNA Album Review


Justin Bieber Boyfriend Video Review

WARNING: PLEASE NOT THAT WHATEVER I AM GOING TO SAY IS NOT SMASHING. THANK YOU. Now, first things first. Woahh Justin, you`ve become....that video was....wow. The song is wonderful. Definitely a new approach from Bieber. The video on the other hand, too much of a jump? I was shocked when watching that video premiere on my telly. I was … Continue reading Justin Bieber Boyfriend Video Review

Nicki Minaj-Starships Video Review

Nicki Minaj recently realeased the video for her single 'Starships' from her new album 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded'. Already it has more than 14 million views of Youtube. The song in general has received many positive reviews, I personally agreeing. It`s a fun and upbeat song. On the other hand, the video itself, well, may or may not have been … Continue reading Nicki Minaj-Starships Video Review


Piano Guys, The Next Big Thing.

Recently I have been made aware of a two young men- well middle aged- who, well are very talented. But not in singing, rapping or dancing. Oh no, these guys play instruments. The Beethovens of our generation. Go on youtube the for yourself...The Piano Guys. They post videos of renditions and mashups of songs . … Continue reading Piano Guys, The Next Big Thing.


Book Review: The Sea Hawk

Title: The Sea Hawk           The story of a man, a boat and the sea Author: Juliana T. Magloire ISBN# 0-9746778-0-9 In 'The Sea Hawk', author, Juliana T. Magloire tells an inspiring recount of the life of her father who devotes himself to the sea, his family and the people of … Continue reading Book Review: The Sea Hawk