Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me, Scream. Go out to an open field and scream as loud as you can. Let out all that pent up anger Spit it back to the universe. But do not demand a refund These were not wasted times. Cry. Let out those emotions from ten, five years ago From when they took … Continue reading Dear Future Me



Restricted. Arms bound to keys, Sticky Shift Five. Paces too slow for my body to keep up. I've grown bored of the same get-up. The cold aircon of the office Licks my skin Leaving behind the feeling Of monotonous despondency.

Change of Tide

Changing tidal waves, movements of my true homeland. A Taurus old ways.


Serving Humanity

We are not our mistakes. This is a lesson Hardly learned and even harder to understand We are not our mistakes But we are accountable for them. There is no such thing as bad people Just good people who do bad things. At least I thought so It is hard to believe this When I … Continue reading Serving Humanity



Springtime, no me time suffocating on pollen. When I became. Bloom


The Artist

Strokes as soft as a feather hues of reds and yellow blends of blues and greens abstract still life is for the artist. Taking in every moment you yourself seem to miss. So cheerful is the artist full of all sorts of glee to finally take her canvas and go forth marking history.



It’s a game I’ve learned to master, much like a craft I’ve developed a nack for See, the key is to make it as real as you can, without that being true. Because even the slightest emotion, can set you on the path of doom.