WTWriters Day 5

Every Tuesday Cookie Monster and I have Tea
I usually set the place
and he the entree.
One day I asked
“So Cookie Monster” I say
“How do you say so vibrant and well, okay.”

He looked at me funny
perhaps he could tell
by the way I was nibbling at my cookies
I wasn’t all that well.

“First I run a bath.
of milk for a clean fur coat.
I eat four cookies, so that I don’t float.”
I let out a chuckle and finish up a cookie
he continues very cautiously.

“I moisturize with confidence.
You can find it on aisle 3.
Then I eat two more cookies
because later I go on a shopping spree.”

By now our tea has arrived
and two platters of cookies done
“What about exercise and diet?”
Then he begins to laugh

“If you love eating cookies,
why would you stop?
To fit into a size 2
in a clothing shop?

“My exercise is carrying cookie boxes.
and always uplifting others
My diet is no negativity.
That’s why I’m so happy.
If you love something, do it, wear it, eat it.”


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