Serving Humanity

We are not our mistakes.
This is a lesson
Hardly learned and even harder to understand
We are not our mistakes
But we are accountable for them.

There is no such thing as bad people
Just good people who do bad things.
At least I thought so
It is hard to believe this
When I attended an all girls private school
For five years straight
And the only struggle I had was passing maths
While Malala Yousafzai got shot
by the Taliban
For believing in the right to education for females.

Or when I am free to choose who I love
Who I marry
But Bibi Aisha at just fourteen
Was a victim of Ba’ad and all its abuse
Arrested for fleeing
From the man who was supposed to love her.
Her reward?
Both ears, her nose
Taken from her by her in laws

I remember
at twelve
I joined my church’s youth group
with a zeal and vigor
to help those who needed it
I wanted to be a lawyer
because I wanted to put all the bad people away.
But I learned that
you cannot contain
all the bad in the world in one single place
it’s spread out
like a virus
and airborne contamination
that seems to have no cure
At eighteen I sought to find a treatment
and I found it on a Thursday night
in a small crowded room
just big enough for thirty people.

So at eighteen I joined the Rotaract Club
a small antidote
spread out throughout the world
moving like the seed of a coconut plant

Going above and beyond
doing things
at twelve I only imagined doing.
Helping the less fortunate
doing street feedings
street paintings
The first time I ever made a pillow
was for the children’s ward at PMH
and it felt so good.

This is why I Serve Humanity
Because we were all created equal
It’s about time we start living that way.

Hi everyone! I aam so grateful to have performed this poem at the Rotaract Club of Roseau’s 32nd Annual Investiture Ceremony. Being a part of a Rotaract Club is one of the best feelings ever, that is, to be surrounded by people you can call family who have a common principle in common, service above self.

Blessings xoxo



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