Haiku #7

These thoughs, they consume My mind has been uneasy. More medication. -- Wait in joyful hope I'm renewed yet still the same. Stay away He says. -- Acting like I know, When in actuality It seems I lost sight. -- Sound of the nineties Reminds me things I forgot Memories kept locked. -- I dread … Continue reading Haiku #7


Haiku #6

Like dust, I linger, In constant limbo for naught. Purpose. Find. Accept. -- Stuck in old habits, like a trapped bird seeking out. The glass, clear but firm. -- My mind projects thought, scenarios too vivid. De ja vu is real. -- Time speeds by quickly, To slow down or speed up. Time is a concept. … Continue reading Haiku #6

Haiku #4

The fierceness lives inside I am bold and unabashed. Not all change is bad. --- Speechless, noisy mind Much to say not enough time Glistens of liquor. --- Frustration it seems Lingers like a lonely wind Inescapable. --- De ja vu, oh my Down the rabbit hole i go Am I really here

Haiku #3

Pressure is building Like an overflowing damn. Through cracks some slip. -- An outsider, I've always been, but now so clear. Distance and time, peace. -- The feel of Christmas slowly it comes back to me Old breeze hard to miss.