See You Later

Our doors are always open,
many have taken advantage of it,
stomping on us like battered rags,
draining us of patience,
of our motivation.

Then you came along,
and you stomped on us in the same manner,
the outcome,
was different.

It was as if new life had formed,
and we found ourselves
a float in a pool of unconditional wisdom,
encouragement which you gave,
in both our personal and professional lives.

For this we say thank you,
for your words will forever remain in our hearts,
as will the memories, of our times together.

The smiles,
The laughter,
the tears

All things we have taken for granted,
always in hope of a ‘next time’.

But now, we’re not so sure,
but we’ll still lavish in that human flaw of ours
and with bliss say, that this isn’t good-bye.

So wherever He takes you,
remember us,
as we remember you.

Thanks for everything


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