I have mumbled that word for days, weeks, months, years…

It comes to us when we least expect it,

When our guard is down and we’ve lost all hope,

Of opportunity, ever finding us.

Yes, finding us!


Did you expect me to go in search of that trivial thing?!

Ha! Don’t be a fool, no one ever seeks opportunity,

Opportunity seeks you!

Which is why I wait,

very impatiently at that,

for “opportunities”, To come my way,

I’ll wait a day,

A month, a year, or two.

But after that, I’ll say goodbye, adieu.

Because I am tired of missing opportunities

What do you mean that struggle was an “opportunity?”

It’s not supposed to come like that. I mean, I expected silk robes and invitations,

To the best parties around town, the fanciest cocktails you’ve ever heard of,

Not, this.

Toiling the soil, sun-licked skin and chapped lips.

Hard work? For what?!

No never, I won’t accept it!

I’ll come back in a couple of days,

Expecting what’s mine to be given,

point blank on a page.


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