DNA Album Review

Well I`ve decided what better way to ring in the new year than with a wonderful review! I`ve been dying to  this since November last year!

Not many Americans may know of the British girl band Little Mix, not many may also know that they came first in 2010 X-Factor, the same X-Factor that popular British-Irish boy band One Direction placed third in. Little Mix has last year November released their début album D.N.A, a name coinciding with a song on such album. And after much deliberation it`s time to see if the fruits of their labour are worth the hassle.

DNA Album Cover
DNA:Deluxe Edition Cover


  1. Wings: This song was their first single. Must say it`s very catch and upbeat. Definitely an easy listener.
  2. DNA: The vocals on this song are wonderful. The way they harmonize is nerve tingling.
  3. Change Your Life: Lyrics are nice. Was not too fond of the beginning, although I was intrigued. The beat is simple. Nonetheless, a good song (third single).
  4. Always Be Together:  Gave off that typical girl band vibe for me.
  5. Stereo Soldier: Beginning beat sounded familiar, but was nice. Reminded me of old school which I absolutely loved. Also reminded me of Stooshe. The songs is wonderful and dance-able. A non-skipper!
  6. Pretend It`s OK: Song is almost had me in tears! My favourite song. The fact that it has a deep personal underlining makes me love it even more. Double thumbs up!
  7. Turn Your Face: A favourite just like Pretend It`s OK. The Lyrics are heartbreaking, literally! Perrie Edwards adds power to it.
  8. We Are Who We Are: Love the chorus. Would have loved the verses to have been in depth , however was okay.
  9. How Ya Doin’?: My new ring tone!  haha. Lovely beat can`t get it out of my head.
  10. Red Planet (Feat. T-Boz): . The beat was fantastic, but I would have gone in a different direction for the lyrics.
  11. Going Nowhere: This song was pleasingly daft. However the benefit of the doubt is always up for grabs.
  12. Madhouse: Seems like a sequel to DNA. Would be nice to see a video of it.
  13. Love Drunk: Old school vibe!
  14. Make You Believe: Was sceptical about this.
  15. Case Closed: Sequel to Madhouse? hmm
  16. DNA (Unplugged): Youtube this please. You won`t regret anything. I am in love with this version. In love! Just the way their vocals come across is literally amazing!


Overall I applaud Little Mix for delivering a better than expected album in my point of view. Certainly there was a presence of determination and success was achieved with their catchy lyrics and praise worthy beats.. There is always room for improvement. I look forward to their next album.


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