The Countdown to Christmas

That`s right folks! Fatten up those turkeys, start buying wrapping paper, don`t forget to bake some nice cookies for Santa because, it`s that time of the year again.

The bells are ringing, people singing,reindeer are practicing their flying and some one is trying to change it from Christmas tree to holiday tree. (sniffs air) Doesn`t it smell like Christmas?! If it does not you`re probably the Hanuka kind of person, and hey no one is minding. And you celebrate for eight days which is pretty cool.

So yes, it`s officially December and as usual mostly everyone across the world is preparing to celebrate Christmas and also to empty out their wallets.

Some time between now and that special day I will be sharing a lovely recipe, maybe, or perhaps just a few Christmas tips and  hints. But stick around and we`ll see how it goes

So start counting down till the 25th and remember, if you want a gift, give a gift.


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