What Really Is This Random Mess?


I thought it was more than about time I actually let you kind hearted people know the purpose of this blog and to confirm that it is in fact just a random mess. This blog is more random that a one-pot-hold-all.

But seriously, I created this blog as a format for many different things ( all too numerous to mention).  But just to clear up some things this is all what this blog is NOT.

1/ Gossip website

2/ Critic website

3/ Writing aid website

4/Political endorsement

5/ All this fit and health


Good. Now this is what this blog may or may not be.

1/ A Random mess

2/ Views, Opinions Discussion

3/ Dots of writing works

4/ Marketing my youtube channel

5/ Deeply rooted belief and sound profound view points. (a.k.a rant)*

*Please not these “rants” are all constructive non personal and may or not be shared by millions of other individuals at present.

This may or may not be helpful but oh well. Enjoy yourselves.


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