What The Olympics Taught Me

So the Olympics is quickly coming to a close but before that I wanted to make a post showing my olympic spirit. Woohoo -insert dramaticness-

And in light of the Olympics I`ve decided to come up with an inspiring list of things the Olympics taught me ( in no particular order). Well here it goes.

~That i`m lazy:
There are for goodness gracious, 15, 16 year olds getting gold medals and participating in sports i couldnt dare dream I could have the stamina for. A wake up call? Maybe maybe not but if they can do it, I`m sure I can at least finish this ‘dangerous’ IT assignment.

~It`s possible for a country to go up against itself:
USA vs USA was trending on twitter and I was like…’what?’

~Your best still isn`t your best:
Now this may seem negative but in a different retrospect it can be good. While watching the olympics the compentators kept mentioning the best scores/times and all that of the Olympians and some never perfomed to such level at the Olympics (though they did great). What I took from that was simply that you shouldn`t always go with expectations of doing your best but rathers the best you can.

~That there are lots of sexy men around the world:
Okay I just had to input this. I mean how could you not have seen those delicious bods and buldges. Tom Daley unf. Yannick Agnel unf. I mean c`mmon. Olympics just made me sexually fustrated.

~Good things come to those who train:
Hard word and effort will get you places.

And so much more, but tell me (please do), what did the Olympics teach YOU?


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