Paupers Feast

We`ve all heard the saying; “Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Queen and Dinner like a Pauper.”  And sometimes we just could not make breakfast on time and it was too late but it was also too early for lunch. We called it ‘Brunch’. But tell me, what about that meal between Lunch and Dinner?

Some call it Linner, others Dunch. Some even say there is a difference as Linner is served earlier than Dunch and the sequence is:

Lunch -> Linner -> Dunch -> Dinner

However, while eating my ‘Linner’ if you would call it than I questioned what if there was another name for this in between meal what if it was called, a ‘PAUPERS FEAST’! Wonderful isn’t it? =]

Why this word? Well You eat Dinner like a Pauper and Lunch like a Queen. To a Pauper the Queen`s lunch is good enough to last a life time, but how about just large enough for a Pauper to gaze at ay? Psh well I though it was brilliant.

I`m going to call that meal in between ‘Paupers Feast’ from now on. Try it. Do you like it? Or would you rather Linner, Dunch or even just a Late Lunch.



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