Close Up

‘Snap. Snap. Snap’
“Now turn around, that`s it.” commands
The camera speaks, it commands.
‘Snap. Snap. Snap’
It instructs.
Five feet and six inches of,
glamour, class and sass.
It beckons, it calls.

‘Click. Click. Click’
“This one is good.”
It chooses which angle brings out the best.
‘Click. Click. Click’
It decides.
Three feet and an inch of,
power, guidance and wisdom.
It rules, it is cruel.

‘Clamp. Clamp. Clamp”
“That`s it. I think we got it.”
It is the end.
‘Clamp. Clamp. Clamp”
The lights go off.
Everyone leaves and the room is empty.
I fall to my  knees surround by darkness.
Wishing and wanting to be in the light.




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