To The Neighbour with the WiFi

I came home quickly hoping,
That your WiFi would be on.
I was by my grand-aunt you see,
A dear old lady with only one t.v.

I turned on my laptop curiously awaiting,
To see if  your WiFi would be a compensating.
Ah brilliant it  was on,
Signal strength was sure pass one.

So I went on Twitter and reblogged on Tumblr,
and proceeded to ask a friend online for a number.
But  with a refresh to my dismay you did do,
Turned off your WiFi at only half passed two.

Have you no heart! Have you no soul!
You could hear my anger across the world.
So I got up and went to porch to spy,
So you could catch a glimpse of my evil eye.

Lucky for me I did score,
Caught you opening your door!
You saw me and shock rose on your face,
and you hurried back like in a race.

I saw you peep through the window,
signaling to the others that they must go.
“Turn back on the WiFi, turn it back on now!”
I assumed you must have shouted as your hand went south.

I then scurried back inside,
flipped opened the laptop, the screen said hi.
A smile rose upon my face, “what is this!”
Connection back up, five bars it is!

So to the neighbour with the WiFi I thank you much indeed,
you seem to catch my  drift, most easily it seems.
I do hope we can work together again some time,
Perhaps tomorrow? Around quarter past nine.


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