The way home is a long one,

The wait for school to end is bothersome.

But walking I spot danger

Stop, and allow it to proceed?

Or run and never look back?


Curiosity Killed Me


But I taunt him. I taunt,

by frantersizing with another.

It works.

But then my hand draws cold, my heart sinks.

I try to run, but it`s too late now.

I avoid eye contact, but,

I can`t help noticing his deep wanting brown eyes.

But so help me God!

I`m in love with one with brown eyes too.

And the same cool palm,

coloured skin.

He smiles at me awkwardly…

Just. Like. Him.

And now behind me he goes

his body moves in the same way.

Everywhere I go, he goes the same.

My heart says run,

but my brain immediately changes.

This skill is second nature,

so naturally to me.

So I close my eyes slowly and smile a crooked grin.

They open slowly, surely he can`t resist.

They glance at his, but move away quickly.

It`s time I must go.

I hop on with a quick bye.

I watch out the window, 

because I know I`ve got him.

For he stands still, his eyes on me,

Still waiting, for his moment,

when he can follow once more.


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