Friends are like balloons.

I saw this little quote well more like poem) "friends are like balloons" at my local health clinic today. I tried to research it to find it again and this is what I got: ________________________________________________________________ Friends are like balloons; once you let them go, you might not get them back. Sometimes we get so busy … Continue reading Friends are like balloons.


To The Neighbour with the WiFi

I came home quickly hoping, That your WiFi would be on. I was by my grand-aunt you see, A dear old lady with only one t.v. I turned on my laptop curiously awaiting, To see if  your WiFi would be a compensating. Ah brilliant it  was on, Signal strength was sure pass one. So I went on … Continue reading To The Neighbour with the WiFi

I can feel the penetration, of a strong wind moving me I can feel the elevation, of an angel lifting me, Cause i know where this road leads to and therefore I will rise I know this dream will come true, an I will soar the sky via R KELLY LYRICS - Spirit.


There are so many things, I cannot see,lest I use my glasses.Now that I can see it clearly,I can make out every shape,every face,every detail,every little thing.Yet I`m still frightened, even more that I used to be. Even though I can see clearly,everything is a mystery.Everyone I thought I knew is not who they used to be,Hidden deep … Continue reading Sightless


The way home is a long one,The wait for school to end is bothersome.But walking I spot dangerStop, and allow it to proceed?Or run and never look back? Curiosity Killed Me But I taunt him. I taunt,by frantersizing with another.It works.But then my hand draws cold, my heart sinks.I try to run, but it`s too late now.I avoid … Continue reading Followed

Answer for which is worth more.

Here is the answer my friend gave and i agree with her totally: "The drop of ink is worth much more. Martyrdom may be noble, but the blood and the memories vanish. The scholar's ink is long lasting, if not permanent. Could be used for knowledge for centuries afterward." So what do you thing?