Piano Guys, The Next Big Thing.

Recently I have been made aware of a two young men- well middle aged- who, well are very talented. But not in singing, rapping or dancing. Oh no, these guys play instruments. The Beethovens of our generation. Go on youtube the for yourself…The Piano Guys.

They post videos of renditions and mashups of songs . Inded their interpretation of classical music is very good.

And just who are these fellows who are sweeping youtube with millions of views on their videos? Why, Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson.

The reason why I find them so intriguing is because they are able to take classical music, simple instruments and compose such vivacious music. They also make covers of songs.

Don`t believe me? Listen to this song called : Michael Meets Mozart



Or better yet….

Well I think that`s about it. So check them out. The Piano Guys. You`ll love them.


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