Tea and Ants

I seem to live in a place where before your tea can cool,

It turns into an ants` paradise, a swimming pool.

And it seems the since eating ants isnt heard of,

The best you can do is throw it and make a new cup.


But wait, what is this it must be a dream,

for the water i poured sizzled like steam.

And when I tasted it, it wasnt good at all

It all came out and burnt my mouth.


Nonsense, rubbish, i should have stuck to being cold,

For now making tea, will turn me old.

I have finished my bread,

and read all there was to be read.


I look for the ants no where to be seen,

then i remember i set the ant infested cup right where the new one leans.

I grab it quickly, but it is too late,

I have become a victim of a tea and ants troll-gate.


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