Do people change or do you?

Lately there has been this empty feeling inside me. And it happened just after my neighbour (in a caring manner) told me that if i don`t start being less shy with people i am gonna end up alone. And boi, that struck me like lightning stikes a tree, after that slowly but surely


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  1. I wanted to leave a little of encouragement to your heart from mine. I read some of your postings and found a strong person who has suffered as I have inwardly yet is an over comer please do not take this the wrong way i am encouraged you took the time to read my stuff hence I returned the fav and liked it and enjoyed about the man and the sea and what your neighbor said to you. Be encouraged for you have by entrusting a stranger found a friend in ATLANTA,GA Now ROCK on and do not stop being You.

    Mark Allan Wolfe

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