Kony 2012?

Ok so I know you all have heard about this Kony campaign to raise awareness about Kony and that he needs to be stopped.

The organization, Invisible Children, has been both praised for it`s effect of raising awareness and criticized for (what a lot of people have been saying) their so called way of scamming people. Yes. Around only 31% of donations made to the organization is said to go to such cause of which they are trying to make people aware of. 

Now i can neither deny or support this claim, but I have been reading up on this. And I have heard from more than two sources that this “scam” is true.

But the issue is still at large, Joseph Kony is a DANGEROUS MAN AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.

Killing him isnt the answer as said in this blog post:  http://thedailywh.at/2012/03/07/on-kony-2012-2/

What I can say is this, children are our future and we need to protect them at all cost. If we don`t who will. We must preserve their innocence.


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