“Stop” ….Part 1- WORDS

The impractical and ruthless way,
If I myself should say,

to deal with stuff is through words.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will kill me.”

Innocent things? Or deathly curses?

A spear to the heart ? Or a brushing win?

Wretched, cruel, misused gifts.

Words cannot heal the sick,
or bring back the dead.

Words are contradictions.
One set pushes you to the edge of the roof,
to that rope in the middle of a cold dark room.

These words suck you dry.
Leave you tired even though you`ve had a full eight hours of sleep.

These words strip you of  your courage and strength.

These words toss you around,
reach into your chest and rip out your bloody heart.

These words lie.
These words act innocent.
These words spawn from Lucifer.
These words echo and echo in you mind, driving you insane.

These words
These words
These words

These words ……..KILL.

Where there is a devil,
there must be a god.

The other set of words pull you back from the ten story building and burst through the door just in time.

Those words breathe new life into you, give you energy and hope.

Those words bring comfort and strength.

Those words nurture you and look out for you, protecting you.
Those words are the truth
Those words are innocent
By the angel, those words are from God.
Those words are calm and reassuring.

Those words
Those words
Those words

Those words…Save.

Who says actions speak louder than words.

There are no actions without words,
no words without actions.


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