So what. So what a gay cruise ships comes to your country. So what there are gay people in your crountry. GROW UP AND LEARN. We live in a time when increasingly more and more people and discovering their 'true' sexual orientation. Whether, gay, bisexual, lesbian or even transgendered. That person is still a person. … Continue reading Homosexuality.


Tea and Ants

I seem to live in a place where before your tea can cool,It turns into an ants` paradise, a swimming pool.And it seems the since eating ants isnt heard of,The best you can do is throw it and make a new cup. But wait, what is this it must be a dream,for the water i poured … Continue reading Tea and Ants

Do people change or do you? Lately there has been this empty feeling inside me. And it happened just after my neighbour (in a caring manner) told me that if i don`t start being less shy with people i am gonna end up alone. And boi, that struck me like lightning stikes a tree, after … Continue reading